Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I Am Thankful #3

Tomorrow this is how old I will become. 30. I am thankful
to the Lord for seeing my through yet another year. I thank
him for my health, my strength, and right frame of mind
for the most part. LOL! I don't think that anyone functions
all the time with a full deck. LOL!

For those who do not know the story of my birth or pre-birth.
I was very close to being aborted with my mother and father
sitting the office with papers filled out and appointments made.
They told her that if she were to get pregnant again and
attempt to have the baby (me) she or both of us would die.
My mother had sever complications with my older sister and
almost died because of it. So here she was again. Well, all of a
sudden she rose up, tore up the papers, and told my father
that if God meant it for us both to die than we would die and
if he meant for us to live than we would live. From that night
foward my mother and father prayed for her and myself
every night. They never missed a night praying. My father
would read to me and show me pictures. He would also sing to
me. When the time came to have me mother told me that she
was up helping everyone else out in very little pain and that it
was that way right up until the time she had me. I came right out
with the greatest ease. Praise God! So I am here today standing
on the brink of 30. I am also here now standing on the promises
of God knowing that he will never leave us nor forsake us.

Thank you all and be blessed!


denean said...

Amazing!! Happy Birthday Candy!

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