Thursday, February 28, 2008

In Need of A Miracle....

Lately I have been in a SERIOUS create mode and working
on numerous projects at the same time. I am also in one of
those prayer modes where I am in need of miracle right now.
Just a little something to keep me moving on pressing for the
prize. Yes, trying times do come and boy are we being tried in
some areas. The most important thing to know is that God is
still with us and that we have each other as a family to lean on.
Here are a couple of things that I finished just for the fun of it.
More Prima and the latest sketch from CPS. I used some NEW
October Afternoon samples papers from CHA for the card
along with a BERRY YUMMY Colorbox kit.
Be blessed everyone!

Monday, February 25, 2008


It is so funny how things work out in life. How God works
things out in life. Our internet was out for the most part
of the weekend. At first glance I am thinkin to myself, I
can't go without internet, but then something happened
that made things clearer. Hubby and I have been under
enormous stress in specific areas of our lives and just had
not slowed down for a while to reconnect with one another.
This was that weekend. The weekend where we were forced
to look at each other, hear each other, and love each other.
It was the BEST weekend that we have had in a very long
time. Ofcourse there was a storm before the calm but isn't
that always the case when in Gods plan?

This was time well spent! I also made this card with the LOVELY
hybrid products from Prima. GORGEOUS stuff.....


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

EBB Gang!

These are the ones that made the next post possible!
Enrique, Scott, Julie, Myself, Kathi, and Michelle!!!
Thanks a hundred times over EBB CREATIONS!!!

CHA, Pic Heavy, Hybrid Post!

It is about time isn't it! LOL! I was sick after coming back
from CHA and exhausted so had to get some rest. Here are
TONS of pics of CHA, Downtown Disney, lovey stuff, hybrid
stuff, and more stuff. LOL!

When I arrived at my hotel these were waiting for me from
hubby! What a way to start my CHA adventure.

I opened up the note attached and this is what it read.
I had like a two hour wait for my room so I went to Denny's to
grab a bite to eat.
A quick photo shoot in the room I stayed in. LOL!

This was just the cutest make-n-take ever!!!
THE COOLEST..........
bag (my bag ofcourse).......
floor from Petaloo......
display from Chatterbox......
fountain at Rusty P.........
scrap sweethearts Elsie and Tim!!! I just fell in love with these two!!!
DOWNTOWN DISNEY visit.......

Saw this movie here!!! LOVED it!!! One of the best Disney
movies by far!!!

my trip back to the airport to go home..... so sad.....
in review of everything.....
I had such a FANTASTIC time. I felt at home and free
to the artistic me that I am!!! It was beautiful!!! I had some
really great contacts pertaining to EXACTLY what I was
searching for. The lovely woman I spoke with was a woman
of faith and prayed for me right there in the mist of the show!!!
How ordained was that!!! I am SO EXCITED!!!
This is just a huge step foward in making my hopes and dreams
These pics are just after shocks of Valintines day!
Hubby had gone out with the kids to the store while I cooked at home.
When they got back our three year old son presented me with these
and a Happy Valintines Day. He was so pleased with himself. LOL!

In closing I had the chance while I was down to do some hybrid work!!!
I never imagined how FUN it could be combining digital elements and paper
with the hands on goodies!!! I likey alot!!!

Until next time.........