Sunday, December 21, 2008

I Am Thankful #1

Hello all! This is day one in my efforts to pick out the things
that I am most thankful for out of this tough year. Ofcourse
my little gifts that God has blessed me with came to mind.
Jadon is so much like daddy. BUSY and VERY SOCIAL!!!
He is super smart and bossy and has picked up a habit wanting
to chew gum thanks to our pastor and our friend Steve.
Leilani is my little cuttlebug and wants to cuddle all the time.
She is also my danger girl and has a sort of qiet busy about her.
That means I have to keep close tabs on her. LOL! She is also
a lot like me and carries pencil and paper around pretty much
everywhere she goes. My mother said that is exactly how I
was at her age.
They both LOVE MUSIC and will stop dead in their tracks to listen.
Don't try to fool either because they know the good stuff from
the bad!
I created this page with the loveliness of American Crafts
Christmas line, mini marks, and thickers. I must say that
all things American Crafts I love and can't get enough of.
I have the bad habit of wanting use everything on one page
and REALLY have to hold myself back. Even though the pic
is not a Christmas pic everything went perfect with it. Yay!
Thank you for letting me share my first day of thankfulness
with you and I will be back for round two tomorrow.
Be blessed

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