Friday, January 2, 2009

A New Year

I pray that everyone had a very blessed season that has passed.
I am sorry for not finishing up my thankful posts for the week but
as I have said before there are trying times over this way as of
late. I can be thankful though that God brought me through this
somewhat painful holiday season. Through this time though
certain things have been made clear and definate changes are on
the way.
Up above is me at 30!!! I don't look too excited do I. LOL! That is
because I am one of those easy does it kind of people. It takes a lot
to get me to shout for joy over something. It feels the same and I
am just happy to be alive.
I made a stand up card using some American Crafts Christmas
goodies again. It has been finished for a while and I am just getting
around to posting it. I will be back on schedule. You'll see. LOL!
Be blessed!

1 comment:

Rachel said...

I just found your blog again girl! I am sorry you have so much to deal with the past few months. I miss talking with you....sending you lots of (((hugs))) for a blessed New Year!