Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy 1st of December

No, it not snowing here in Vegas which would be a miracle but

we did have some fog which is just as strange here on Thanksgiving.

I pray that everyones turkey day was a blessed one.

I know that I had been gone for a while not by choice but if it happened

it was meant to be as such. We had to move two times in this past month

which was totally not fun at all and just now settling down. My husband

has also been having some serious issues in which he could use your

prayers. He is right now checked into the hospital and we don't know

exactly how long he is going to be there. It going to definately take its

toll on our finances being he is the only working at this time. Please keep

that in your prayers as well. Sorry for such a grim post but life is not

always on the ups. I want to be as real as I can be. There are trials in

in my life just like the next person but through Jesus Christ, family, and

friends we can make it. Trust me, I know it to be a very hard thing and

it is still hard. Hope in the Lord through these times is the ONLY thing

that has really kept me going. Without it I don't know where I would be.

On another note stay tuned for tons of photos and a few projects on the way.

I think that I will start feeling normal again once I get my hands on my artsy


Be blessed and I will be back soon!


nichole said...

my prayers are yours. god bless.

Vívi Cárttori said...

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God bless you

Queen of Paper said...

oh my scrapfaith sista! I'm so sad to hear you and the family are going through so much! Jason and I had a few years like this when we first got married. So MANY Trials, but faith in Christ helped us over come it all! I WILL be PRAYING FOR YOU!!!! I know this too shall pass!