Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Good, The Bad, and The Classic With Snow

The good,
the bad,
and the classic with snow!!!

Yes, it actually snowed pretty hard here in Vegas first on
Monday and then on Wednesday!!! Wednesday was so bad
that they actually CLOSED THE SCHOOLS DOWN!!! That
is totally unheard of here but it happened. What strange
things lurk and ofcourse it just another sign of the times for
those who know what I mean.
I know I left a lot of details out in the previous post due to
plain tiredness. I visited the strangest park here in town
called the Wetlands. They designed it specifically for certain
wildlife here in the desert. It was on the Sabbath which was
perfect. The other people who are seen is my baby sis Melissa, her
HOPEFULLY soon to be Ricardo, Steve (one of the best guys
I know and friend), and ofcourse my kiddies. We had such
a great time. Gods creations are truely wonderful.
I will be back as soon as possible with some projects and things
of that sort. Until then be blessed!

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