Monday, February 25, 2008


It is so funny how things work out in life. How God works
things out in life. Our internet was out for the most part
of the weekend. At first glance I am thinkin to myself, I
can't go without internet, but then something happened
that made things clearer. Hubby and I have been under
enormous stress in specific areas of our lives and just had
not slowed down for a while to reconnect with one another.
This was that weekend. The weekend where we were forced
to look at each other, hear each other, and love each other.
It was the BEST weekend that we have had in a very long
time. Ofcourse there was a storm before the calm but isn't
that always the case when in Gods plan?

This was time well spent! I also made this card with the LOVELY
hybrid products from Prima. GORGEOUS stuff.....


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