Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy (HEART) Day!!!

YES, I am back from CHA sad to say. I had such a wonderful time
and the EBB Creations Team was so FANTASTIC and SWEET!!!
I didn't want it to end but like all things must. THANK YOU SO
MUCH EBB again. You have certainly gained a friend in me!!!
Some pretty exciting things happened to me while I was there that
I have to share a bit later on so stay tuned!

It is love day today!!! There is going to be a little surprise for hubby
when he walks in from work tonight. We so need a special night for two
but since that is not going to happen tonight I just thought to make it
as special as I possibly can with the kids being here. Hey, we LOVE
our babies too!!! LOL!

Remember to stop by again later for CHA pics, details, and a visit
with me to Downtown Disney!!!
I LOVE you all and God bless!!!


rmeyfe said...

I want to hear about the exciting things!!!! Did they love your stuff you were working because you do such wonderful stuff!!!! I can't wait!!!

mama_in_pajamas said...

Hurry hurry! Wanna see everything! I love that heart thingie you did! I'm gonna do that one of these days!