Friday, August 29, 2008

Serious Prayer and a New Adventure On The Way

No, I am not preggy but we need tons of prayer for the things happening
now and for the things soon to come. We are in the middle of a family crisis
and getting ready to make a HUGE move from Vegas where we will be
surrounded with those we know we can count on. They are our second family
and are of the faith. This will not affect my creative process too much
but I will have to start working and know that the kids will be safe with
them. MAJOR prayers please as we plan this thing through.
It is about that Sabbath time again and I just wanted to let you know that
I am hangin in there blog and all.
Be blessed!


*Fauve* said...

Will be thinking about you and your family!Don't worry too much,it is going to be just fine!

jakey said...

Hugs and prayers Candy.

all my love
jake xx

Queen of Paper said...

WOW it sounds like you're taking on a whole lot. You will be in my prayers friend. I know you can do it :)