Tuesday, August 19, 2008

So Last Friday Came Around and...

AaaaaaaHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhh!!! A HUGE American Crafts box was
delivered to the door!!! Talk about a DREAM come true!!! Talk about
overwhelming!!! I am SO siked and ready to get started. THANK YOU
SO MUCH again American Crafts for this honor!!!

Last week I was extremely busy with church and had forgot for a
moment about posting pics of my scrap space. When I finally got
around to remembering I couldn't find them so I had to take new
ones today. It is a mess I know but I think that I work better that
way. If you think this is something you should have seen my art
teachers cubbies when I was in high school!
I didn't get around to starting PCI back up this month but for sure
I know that September will be the month. Things are calming down
a bit, hubby is getting off the blood thinners, assignments are being
turned in almost on time, and all that jazz. LOL! It is still a little nuts
but that is what makes life worth living sometimes. Stay tuned for
a few pics of our church family and a few projects that I have completed!
For todays scripture reading I would ask that you all go check out ScrapFaith.http://scrapfaith.blogspot.com/
Please read the post for 8/13 and 8/15. I have been going through
something of great matter and this really hit home. I have read over 8/13
several times and just keep getting better. May God bless!