Monday, March 10, 2008

Zee Haircut....

Hiya everyone! It was a blah Monday today but isn't every
Monday. Just stop by to share Jadons very FIRST haircut!!!
As you can see in the before photo this little one had LOTS
of hair. We finally decided to let him get it cut. He was so
not for it at first but after a balloon and a girl scout cookie he
was good to go. Now he REALLY looks like daddy!
I am working on PCI's tutorial to go out on the 15th along
with the winner of the RAK for Februarys project. There
is also going to be some new fun things that I am adding as
well. This is just a reminder. My life is FULL of projects
from DT goodies to working on getting published finally. I
am SO bad with submitting but all that is about to change
NOW. I would also like to thank all who stop by to visit my
little corner of the world. It is so good to know that I have
creative friends around the world who share more than just
the love of but also the love of Christ. What a blessing you
all are!
Be Blessed!

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Mary Leeson said...

Hello Candy, just found your blog and I'm so blessed there are others out there who give God the glory! Love this picture of the cute! Love your blog too. TFS.