Thursday, March 13, 2008

More Projects

Just busy, busy, busy with projects and deadlines! It is all fun stuff though!
I am trying to pacify myself until Marches Scarlet Lime kit gets here.
Hopefully it will get here tomorrow PLEASE! LOL!
Hubby will be getting off of work early due to working at the branch here in
Pahrump so that means more family time. We have started a new business
venture that you all may want to check out. I will be giving more details on
about it later. We are SUPER excited and it gives us the opportunity to do
something that I have been dreaming about my whole life!!!
God is just working out so many things for us right now in ways that we
couldn't have imagined. Sometime next year we will be out of the country
for two weeks. We were invited to do our first missionary trip!!! It will probably
invovle our music ofcourse and just being able to connect with others around
the globe and share the love of Christ. We are very excited about that as
Be Blessed all!!!

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