Monday, March 3, 2008


This past Thursday, as some of you might know, my Stepfather
passed away. For the last couple of days it all seems so sureal and
I can't seem to wrap my mind completely around the whole
passing just yet. He had been quite ill for many years and the doctors
said that it was a miracle how his body held on for so long. My Stepfather
Michael, had been battling many serious health problems and was in
so much pain that it would be selfish of us to want him to stay in living
in this world like that. Everyone has been asking how am I and all I
can say is that it is a happy sad time. I rejoice because he surrendered
in the latter part of his life to God and that he is no longer in pain and suffering.
I mourn simply because he is not here anymore. What I remember most
about my Stepfather is his love for math, cooking, and art. We spent a great
deal of time in art talk when his health wasn't so poor and he would always
tell me if I wanted him to teach me his recipes he would love to do so. My
heart breaks knowing that it will never come to pass now. I think that I would
have been a top notch chef after he was through with me.
The Word says that there is a time for everything. May God be with my
Mother, Jonathan (Michael's son), Stephanie(Michael's daughter), my sisters,
and other family members and friends in this great time of mourning.
May God be our great comforter.

Mid last week one of my lovely fellow designers at ScrapShanty
told me about this REALLY COOL picture editing site!
I was whining over the fact that I didn't have photoshop. It is
just WAY out of our range right now but picnik is FREE. I played
around with it a little bit and it is AMAZING! I just may do the
premium membership which is only like $24.00 a year! That is WAY
within our range and you get WAY more features. Thanks Mikki!
This cheered me up a little bit.
I have not forgotten about PCI's drawing for FEB. It may be some
time today or tomorrow before I get to it but I will get to it.
There is also going to be some great new things being added to PCI!
I want it to be more interactive so stay tuned for that and this months
Be Blessed!

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