Friday, July 25, 2008

Happy Friday!

It is Friday again and almost time for Sabbath. I wanted to get a
quick post in beforehand because I am so bad with bloggin on the
weekends. I will just blame that on the hubby. He LOVES his
family weekend time.
So I finally got my hands on a camera a little bit better than the one
that I have had forever. It served me well and still does but I just
wanted something newer and something that I could add advanced
lenses on. I have tons of learning to do with this one and looking foward
to it. Up top are a few that I took and edited in Picnik. The first two
are of this weeks VBS. Our good friend Ashley LOVES the kids and
they LOVE her!!! Tonight is the final night with a program and small
I am off for now to go put some laundry away, cook some pasta, workout,
and whatever comes up after until sundown. Check out the first pic of this
post for todays scripture! Be blessed!

1 comment:

jakey said...

Candy, so happy to hear that hubby is doing much better. Lovely work on your blog, I always enjoy my visits here.

jk xx