Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Been A Bit Blah.....

Hey there gang.

I know that I have not been so inspiring lately with everything going on in my life right now. It has been a little tough creating, taking photos, and such. I have been doing a little bit more praying and spending time with the kiddos and hubby.

Next week starting Sunday I will be doing a post for everday of that week to catch you up on some things that have been getting me back into the flow of things. My mojo is starting to flow again with new ideas and little things. I have to start back up with my scripture for the day as well. Sometimes you just have to be a little bit more still in lifes process and I think that is what I have been going through. With all the uncertainess floating about it is good to know that one thing is for certain and that is God and all of his promises.

Be blessed and I will see ya all soon!

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