Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My New Home...

Well, I had to start all anew here at a blogger
so here is where I am at now.
Everything is pretty much the same but all
the sweet and lovely comments are gone.
I couldn't import those. So if all of my sweet followers
could head that way it would really comfort me.
I am just not happy about the whole process.
Thanks a bunch!!!


Stacy said...

Love how bright & fun your blog is!!!

Lydell said...

I just thought I would visit a few blogs on the blog-hop list on the Color Room, but I did not make it past the very top one on the list so far.....yours! Love your work, and I found myself getting sidetracked in your sidebar links.....Our church runs Bible prophecy seminars to, and we are Sabbath keepers also. Hope you are feeling ok anyway....You are looking very 'full' in your last photos. All the best with your little one coming soon (or here already!!!)
Kind Regards,