Thursday, February 11, 2010

Slowly But Surely

That is what it feels like anyways. Still wanting to
blog more and share more. I know that I will get
there soon. I have been doing lots better though
so I shouldn't beat myself up. LOL!

I stopped by to share some Sassafras love! They
are having this challenge where you dig out the
goodies you have been admiring but just haven't
had the heart to dig into yet. Well here is mine. I
have such a bad habit of buying pretty scrapbooking
goods and not being able to cut into them. Some-
times it is just so hard but I did it!!!

I hope you are inspired in some type of way!!! I am
always up for challenges now. Another HUGE change
for me.
Until next time be blessed!


denean said...

Sweet cards Candy! So happy to see you create!
Hope you are feeling well!

Natalie said...

I think I just about read your whole blog! You make such BEAUTIFUL projects. I'm seriously in awe :)

"Divine" Hand said...

Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!! I try to share as much as possible that I fell will help inspire others whether it be the good or the bad. We all know that life is not perfect and I try to put in that reality without depressing others to tears. LOL!!! ART is definitely a release for me.
HI DENEAN, my old friend. I will be by soon to see what's up with u. I have had an awful cold ofcourse caught from the kids...