Friday, September 4, 2009

Marina Del Rey and Little Creature Friends

So last weekend my children and I went on our very first
boat ride. It was just as I imagined. I had been so sheltered
as a child and really didn't know about anything but Vegas.
My husband is actually responsible for a lot of my first venturings
out and this is no exception. He is always so much more excited
then we are about those types of things. It is actually really cute.

We also had a little visitor make home in our car last Sunday.
Can you believe I rode in the car for a good 5 minutes without
sitting back on it. It wasn't until I got out of the car that I saw
it! Thank the Lord above that I didn't get bit!

My baby sis and her boyfriend came out as well but I didn't get
a chance to take pics. Now this weekend my mother, sister, and
two nieces are coming out. It is going to be very crowed here for
the next couple of days. Until then be blessed and thanks to all
who came by to read my testimony. It feels really good to be used
by God.


Queen of Paper said...

Wait, do you live in cali?! I know right where this is :) Are we neighbors???

"Divine" Hand said...

LOL! We now live off of Wilshire and Sepulveda in the Santa Monica area. We love it here compared to Vegas. thanks for stopping by!